Dulepka Cranes provides Ottawa crane services and rentals.

Hoisting Services

Lift Plan Solution Utilizing Personnel:

  • Operators
  • Riggers
  • Signalmen


  • Lifting / Spreader Beams
  • Platform Boxes (Men / Materials)
  • Buckets
  • Forks
  • Job Boxes


  • Traffic Planning
  • Lights / Barricades (Signage)
  • Traffic Control Personnel (TCP)


Equipment Rentals


Hydraulic Cranes
All Terrain Cranes
Heavy Rigging
Skip Boxes (material boxes)
Propane Cages
Loading Platforms (small, large)
Concrete Buckets (side chute available)
Floats & Semi-Trailers
Personnel Baskets
Personnel Bucket
Flashers, Lights, Beacons
Squares & House Frames
Specialized Heavy Rigging
Precast Rigging
Steel Erection Rigging
Snatch Blocks, Equalizer Blocks
Spreader Beams, Fixed & Adjustable
Multi Ton Rollers
Track Jack (toe)

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